New to Blogging

I’ll try to keep the entrees short, sweet, and relevant. This website is still in its infancy and  as WordPress is not one of favorite things, with the fantastic help of some very awesome ‘happiness gardeners’ I’m finding it more customizable and indeed tolerable than I thought. Much love to WordPress – let’s do this!

If you have recommendations for the site, hit me up with some boss tips and we’ll get through this together!

iPhone 7


So last week the iPhone 7 launched and I was fortunate enough to do a lot of launch promotional materials for it.

The phone is beautiful (as Always) and aside from the jarringly obvious decision by Apple to remove the Headphone Jack, very little has changed. We have become accustomed to these evolutionary releases by Apple and leave it to Jony Ive’s eloquent accent and sophisticated vocabulary to get our want-buds ready to throw down a deposit.

However, as a photographer, this time I really am excited – for all the right reasons. Digital SLR quality? Real, natural Bokeh? While this seems to good to be true (and probably is) I can’t wait for someone to test it and write a review.